Setting up my blog

As a first-time blogger, I am trying to think about what could be my first story. So, I just thought of writing what I did just now.

What to do:

  • Start a Blog

How I did:

  • Typed in browser
  • Clicked button "Get started - it's free"
  • Clicked "Continue with Google" [You could continue with something else, like GitHub, including providing an email address manually]
  • Went with the default setting for most options, including choosing hostname provided by hashnode {}. Wanted to move to a custom domain later
  • Checked that blog is accessible
  • Logged in to {}, went to DNS section and added a CNAME for sriram

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 9.16.51 PM.png

  • Checked that blog is accessible through {} (More on the story of this domain name later)
  • I think I am going to publish my story, but may try sharing a draft for preview ("Share Draft) in the future - both options are available at the top right-hand corner of the page.


  • It is super easy
  • Try to take screenshots or make some notes, if you want to later write about it. I did learn on the fly while writing this article and managed to add a screenshot.
  • My most grammatical mistake seems to be missing "the"

What Next:

  • Write more stories and Have Fun Writing
  • Story about my custom domain name
  • Ask someone to read my blog and start their blog :)

Thanks for reading.